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What Should You Know About Allergies

Posted by Ethanngo1636781 on 22 Mar, 2018


Allergies tend to show a lot of symptoms that are similar to a cold, such as runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Many individuals end up assuming they have a cold, even when the symptoms continue returning. But in actuality, they are suffering from allergies, as is evident by the frequency of these symptoms.?

There have recently been studies showing how many children and adults have allergies, especially to food. A recent study in particular showed that 1 in 25 adults have allergies to at least one food and 1 in 20 children under the age of five are allergic to one food as well. This is helping to raise the awareness about the frequency of allergies and how they should be treated.


Types of Allergies

People deal with many different types of allergies. Food allergies are very common, but they are definitely not the only one to be concerned about. Others include seasonal allergies, pet allergies, and allergies to environmental conditions like dust, pollen and mold. Additionally, some people have allergic reactions to certain drugs or medications, which is usually just one or two ingredients in them. If you are allergic to Tylenol, it is probably to the Codeine in some types of Tylenol. Seasonal allergies can affect people during only one or two seasons, or all four of each. Typically, each season causes a different set of allergies and symptoms. In the summer, it is often from the pet dander as pets shed more in the summer. During the spring, it may be from pollen from growing flowers.


Genetic Allergies

Some allergies run in the family are end up being genetic. If your parents or siblings have shown symptoms of allergies, you should have everyone in the family tested for them. The testing is a simply process and can make sure nobody gets ill.


Allergy Testing

There are two different types of allergy tests: putting allergens into the skin and getting a blood test. The most common method is by using individual allergen. The doctor injects a very small amount of each allergen into the person's skin and after a few minutes, looks for a reaction. If they are addicted to this allergen, the skin will turn red. If it doesn't, that particular allergen isn't a concern. The other type of test simply requires taking blood and having it tested against allergens in the lab. This is also a simple test, but more time consuming.


Food Allergies

If you are suffering from food allergies, it is because your body's immune system cannot handle that particular food. Researchers still aren't sure why this occurs in some people and not others. You may notice you are allergic to just one food, like milk, eggs or shellfish, or multiple types of food. Being allergic to milk is called lactose intolerance, and can be mild or severe.


One thing doctors warn new mothers about is giving their children large amounts of milk. When you first start giving your child milk as an infant, start with a small amount then look for signs of distress. If they become ill with a fever or vomiting, they may be allergic to it. This is usually just to cow's milk, so goat's milk or almond milk might not make your child ill.


If you are seeing the common signs of allergies, make sure you get tested. Allergy tests are very easy and often recommended for everyone, not just people who are showing signs of being allergic to something. If you are experiecing allergy symtoms and need medical care, visit one of our clinics today! No appointment is necessary at any of our clinics which are open 8 am to 9 pm daily and conveniently located in Pearland, Leauge City, and The Woodlands. Friendly, experienced and licensed medical professionals are standing by to offer effective treatment to alleviate your allergy symptoms.


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