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How to Treat Heat Rash

Posted by Ethanngo1636781 on 08 Jun, 2016

Although rashes have many causes, they tend to appear more frequently in the summertime.  Heat rashes, in particular, generally occur in the summer months during periods of high humidity.

A heat rash is commonly referred to as prickly heat. This condition is typically a temporary one that resolves itself without medication. In rare cases, a heat rash becomes severe enough that it requires medical attention. In general, removing the affected person from the source of heat greatly relieves the itching, while reducing the appearance of the heat rash.


A normal heat rash usually creates tiny bumps that cover the affected area of the body. The bumps are pink to red in coloring. The most common areas of the body that are affected by heat rash are the neck, back, and face.


The rash itself is caused when sweat particles become trapped beneath the outer layer of skin. This condition commonly leads to itching or inflammation that is uncomfortable. Usually, a heat rash is triggered when several episodes of sweating occur in an environment that is hot and humid.


Treating heat rash usually involves washing the affected area of the body with cool water and a gentle soap. Next, the individual who is experiencing an episode should rest in a cooler environment until the rash subsides. If the rash continues after a prolonged time, the affected area should be gently cleansed with cool water and a mild soap until it goes away.

If the rash is painful and quicker relief is desired, taking a cool bath or shower may be of some benefit. An ice pack can also be used for a period of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off until the pain subsides.

In severe cases, a healthcare provider may prescribe hydrocortisone for treatment. Topical antibiotics may be needed if the area becomes infected due to excessive scratching.

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