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ImPACT Concussion Test Site





Urgent clinics is an assessment site for ImPACT concussion baseline test. For $10 your athletes can take the baseline test and will be ahead of the game if a possible injury occurs.


What is ImPACT?

ImPACT® is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool to help licensed healthcare providers evaluate and manage a suspected concussion. ImPACT® is the industry leader in concussion management and trusted by teams and organizations around the world. ImPACT is the clinician's choice for computerized concussion testing. In a 2015 study, 9 out of 10 healthcare providers surveyed selected ImPACT when evaluating a concussion test or their testing platform.


ImPACT comes in two forms:

1. Baseline Test – Administered by a licensed healthcare provider or a trained baseline administrator before the start of a sport season, school year, or other activity. Baseline scores are collected and stored on our privacy compliant servers. ImPACT® Applications recommends re-administering the baseline test annually in accordance with CDC guidelines.

2. Post-Injury test – Administered by a licensed healthcare provider when a concussion is suspected. Test results are compared to baseline scores and normative data scores as part of a healthcare provider’s assessment of the injury. Multiple post injury tests may be given to an individual during the course of treatment and rehabilitation.


Top Actions for Parents and Test Takers:

Download the Free ImPACT® Passport™ Mobile App ImPACT® Passport is a mobile app that enables ImPACT® takers to store their Passport ID – the secure personal identification code provided after completing an ImPACT® baseline test. ImPACT® Passport allows a parent or test takers to grant access to their data to a healthcare provider, record symptoms, locate a healthcare provider or access educational content on concussion.  


How Does ImPACT Testing Work?

The test takes approximately 30 minutes and is designed to evaluate and document multiple aspects of an athlete’s neurocognitive state: brain processing speed, memory and visual motor skills. NFL, NBA, and other professional athletes undergo such a test following a concussion to determine when return to play is medically appropriate. To determine if the athlete is ready to return to play, results of the post-concussion test are compared to normative values based on age and academic level. In some cases, athletes may have taken a baseline ImPACT test. The results of the post-concussion test are compared to their baseline cognitive function.


Baseline Testing and Post Concussion Care

Baseline testing is available at all Urgent Clinics Medical Care locations for $10. Post-concussion ImPACT testing is available for athletes to help manage return to play. Post-concussion care will be billed under your health insurance plan. 



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