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Anti-Aging Precautions


Do you feel you have


  • Low Energy?
  • Gained Weight?
  • Less Muscle Tone?
  • Been Agitated or Depressed?

Get the health you desire and gain control of your physical, mental, nutritional and hormonal well-being with our wellness programs at the Urgent Clinics Medical Care Creekside Clinic.

Urgent Clinics Medical Care’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement program will personalize a regimen specifically for you!

Who Needs Hormone Replacement?

  • Those over the age of 30
  • Those experiencing a form of hormone imbalance including:
  • Fatigue
    Thyroid Disease
    Metabolic Syndrome
    Sexual Dysfunction


Who Needs Hormone Replacement?


  • From natural sources
  • Designed to replicate the same chemical structure as the hormones naturally produced by your body

Creekside Clinic

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Flu Shots

The 2015-2016 flu season is here and it’s time to protect you and your family from this dangerous virus!
The best way to prevent influenza and the risk of serious complications from this threatening disease is by vaccination.


Drugs of Abuse

10 panel urine drug test offered to screen for drugs of abuse.


Company Physicals

Our experienced clinicians can help your company maintain a healthier and safer workforce by performing a variety of workplace-related employee physicals. Whether you need fit-for-duty examinations, employment physical exams, DOT examinations, compliance examinations, or employee wellness examinations, our occupational health specialists have the expertise required to help you mitigate risk and promote a more productive workplace.


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