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Fight Fall Allergies in Houston

Posted by on 29 Oct, 2015

The beautiful change of weather that accompanies fall brings wonderfully fun outdoor activities in seemingly perfect temperatures. It’s such fun to tailgate before the big game or sit around a bonfire afterwards. But for some, the fun is robbed by something else the fall brings along with it: the stirring up of allergens. Seasonal allergies can cause you to feel awful, overwhelmed with discomfort, and unable to function. Itchy, watery eyes, a sore throat, sniffles and sneezing are just a few of the miserable symptoms allergy sufferers are forced to endure. There are some methods you can use, however, to fight allergies and stay healthy through this time of year while enjoying fall festivities with family and friends.

A seasonal allergic reaction is your body’s response to an allergen in the air. Your immune system works to combat the threat by producing histamines in an attempt to protect you from what it reads as a dangerous invader. The body, in essence, overreacts while working to fight off the risk it perceives. The best way to avoid the itching, watery eyes, sneezing, sniffles and other symptoms that manifest as a result of the overreaction, is to stay out in front of the allergens and create a plan of attack.

The weather channel website provides an allergy tracker that offers daily counts of allergens and forecasts them for the following 2 days. This information can help you understand what your immune system is facing in real-time and warn you about what is heading your way. There are also apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone such as the Zyrtec Allergycast which provides similar information. These services can help you avoid being outside in locations where your particular allergens are in full swing, thus reducing your inevitable reaction. If you know you can't avoid being in the environment where your allergies will be aggravated, your healthcare provider or a nearby urgent clinic may recommend prescription or over-the-counter medications you can take in advance to reduce your symptoms.

Zyrtec, Allegra and Flonase are just a few of the medicines known to greatly reduce symptoms. These medicines offer wonderful results in shutting down the torture. Other medicines that are not marketed to reduce allergic reactions, can also be helpful in your quest to live symptom free. Consult with your healthcare professional or an urgent clinic if you don't have one, and ask them if Pepcid AC can be layered into your fighting strategy.  While the medication is known to reduce hearburn, it can also help to block histamines.

If your situation is severe, it may be determined that you need an allergy shot and steroids, which are only available by prescription. Seek out a qualified healthcare professional, conveniently found at a walk-in urgent clinic, to find out if this would be a viable option for you.

Another part of your plan of attack should be to neutralize your environment. One of the major culprits during this time of year, especially in the Houston area, is ragweed. Get rid of any ragweed you find in your garden or around your home. This plant is notorious for producing high levels of pollen which will definitely have your allergies operating in full swing. It’s also important to wash clothes that may have come in contact with pollen. Make sure your patio and vehicle are rinsed off frequently so that any accumulated pollen is washed away.

You will also want to keep an eye out for mold and mildew. Just like pollen from flowers and ragweed, once they produce spores and find a surface to attach to, they will cause the same symptoms for those who are allergic. Even though it’s capable of doing so all year, fall is an ideal time for mold and mildew to grow. With the amount of rain you find in the fall combined with the leaves on the ground, this produces a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow. It’s a great idea to rake and bag up leaves and have your trash service come by and collect them.

If you are looking for a healthcare professional to help you manage your allergic reactions, Urgent Clinics Medical Care has experienced, caring providers who can devise a treatment program to beat back your allergy problem. Walk in to one of our state-of-the-art clinics in the Houston area and we will provide a plan of attack that can help you get back to living symptom free. Our providers may determine that an allergy shot and steroids, which are only available by prescription, could best help you overcome your symptoms. We welcome the opportunity to serve you at any Urgent Clinics Medical Care facility in Pearland, Champions, The Woodlands and 3 locations in League City: Creekside, Marina Bay and Tuscan Lakes.

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