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6 New Activities to Try This Christmas

Posted by Ethanngo1636781 on 15 Dec, 2016

Christmas is the time of year when family traditions provide comfort and promote the warm and joyful feelings of the season. But, you can make your Christmas exciting this year by trying new things and adding new traditions to your holiday routines. Take the time to get involved in something different every Christmas and you will find that you increase your overall enjoyment of the holiday season.


If you pay close attention to the comments that are given about gifts under a Christmas tree, you will usually hear an array of comments about the gifts that looked as though they are wrapped by a professional. To learn how to wrap Christmas presents like a pro, you just need to go to YouTube and find some videos on the gift-wrapping process. After a little practice, you will start turning your gift-wrapping into an art form that everyone will appreciate.


You probably go to a few Christmas parties during the holidays, but have you ever thrown a Christmas party of your own? Start off small in your first year with a few friends and see how that goes. If you find that you and your friends enjoy gathering at your place, then start using your imagination (and possibly Pinterest) and turn your Christmas party into an annual event.


You may have seen classic Christmas movies advertised for viewing at a local theater near you. Instead of ignoring those advertisements, try venturing out to see an oldie but goodie and enjoy experiencing the magic of Christmases past. It is a unique experience to see a classic Christmas movie on the big screen with popcorn and a soda.


Just because you don’t live in New York City and can’t see the Rockettes' annual Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall does not mean that you shouldn’t give a live Christmas production a chance. If you look in the entertainment section of your local newspaper, you may be surprised to see how many different theaters offer live Christmas shows. In many communities, local dance studios will perform the nutcracker which is a great way to kick off the holiday season. Go see a live Christmas show this season and you may wind up turning it into an annual tradition, or you can make the trek to Radio City Music Hall each year and create a new holiday habit that your whole family can enjoy.


Mailing Christmas cards is a ritual that millions of people go through every year, but you can spice it up this year by sending out a video Christmas card that will show up in your friends' email inboxes. You can make one on your own or hire a company to help you make a video Christmas card that looks professional. Either way, you will be doing something different for yourself and offering something unique to friends and family members.


A large majority of people have Christmas decorating habits they got into years ago and they follow those habits year after year. The end result is usually boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations that never get used and displays that look familiar to everyone.

Instead of being predictable each year with your decorations, try planning out a design that will utilize as many of your decorations as possible and turn your house into a neighborhood centerpiece. Check out the new Christmas decorating technology that is available, and you may start to see visitors from miles around coming out just to see your decorations.

Every Christmas season, there is so much to do and see that we often decide to fall back on the things that are familiar to us. This season, try expanding your holiday horizons a little bit and take part in activities that could become new traditions for you and your family to enjoy.

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