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The 5 Main Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Posted by Ethanngo1636781 on 23 Feb, 2017

Living to our fullest potential can only occur when optimal health is reached. With age, the body undergoes various types of hormonal changes that disrupt ideal functioning. Fatigue, low libido, memory difficulty, weight gain, muscle loss, as well as a general decline in physical appearance are all symptoms of a hormone imbalance. With advancements in the realm of medical science, today it is possible to achieve relief from these problems and enjoy a return to health and vitality.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a comprehensive treatment capable of restoring normal hormone levels in the blood, which improves different bodily functions, ranging from irritability to sexual wellness.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Hormone replacement therapy is a method used for optimizing levels of specific hormones in the body that have declined due to advancing age. Women generally utilize hormone therapy to fight common symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, night sweats, weight gain and vaginal dryness. Men are typically treated with testosterone therapy to combat symptoms of andropause or male middle age, which include erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle strength, hair loss and mood changes.

Here are five ways that replacing these critical hormones can enhance the quality of your life:

#1 HRT Reduces Severity of Menopausal Symptoms
Severe hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, and vaginal dryness are typical symptoms of menopause. The good news is that these symptoms can be treated with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones – or bio identical hormones – are derived from naturally occurring sources, and are designed to replicate the same chemical structure as the hormones that are produced naturally by our bodies.

#2 HRT improves libido
Estrogen has a proven role in reducing vaginal dryness, and helping with painful intercourse. Recent studies have found that testosterone replacement increases libido, enhances the frequency of intercourse, and the intensity of orgasm. It is essential to understand that testosterone isn't entirely a male hormone; rather it is also an integral female hormone. Testosterone is often administered in hormonal replacement therapy to enhance the mood, energy and sexuality in both men and women.

#3 HRT Maintains Proper Body Weight
Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate processes in our body. Hormones influence our appetite, metabolism (the rate at which our body burns kilojoules for energy), and body fat distribution.
Excesses or deficits of hormones can lead to obesity and, on the other hand, obesity can lead to changes in hormones. With an increase in age, the tendency to put on weight also escalates, and unfortunately, the harder it is to shed. When the levels of thyroid hormone, testosterone and HGH decline, the body tends to accumulate more fat, and form less lean muscles in both men and women.

#4 HRT improves texture of the skin
In the years following menopause, most women lose up to 25% of their bodily content of collagen. This loss manifests itself by brittle nails, hair loss, thin inelastic skin, as well as a loss of bone matrix. The loss of collagenous bone matrix is a major cause of osteoporosis, as well as osteoporotic fractures. Administration of bioidentical estrogen promotes the formation of collagen in the bone, skin and nails. Wrinkled skin is one of the least desirable effects of growing older, especially in women. Hormonal replacement, specifically estrogen and also progesterone, leads to healthier and more youthful skin.

#5 HRT Improves Bone Density
Declining levels of hormones lead to brittle bones that are more susceptible to fractures. The end result is osteoporosis in both men and women. Research has found that bone loss occurs as a result of a lack of sufficient estrogen in post-menopausal females and of testosterone in males. Hormonal therapy optimizes the levels of the concerned hormones in the blood and helps improve bone density.

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy don't stop at 5. Hormones, as chemical messengers, participate in a very intricate way in each and every process occurring throughout our bodies. And thus, there are several ways that hormone replacement therapy can equip you to live life to the fullest!

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