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    Conveniently located throughout the Houston metropolitan area, our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art digital x-ray and laboratory equipment.

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    Our Pearland clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All other clinics are open from
    9 am - 9 pm daily.

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    Scheduling an appointment at Urgent Clinics Medical Care is easy. Just click above or dial 843-URGENT-1 (843-874-3681).

About us

When a sudden illness or injury strikes, where do you turn if your doctor isn’t available? Just walk into any Urgent Clinics Medical Care location, and receive fast, qualified and affordable urgent medical care in a convenient, state-of-the-art facility. All clinics are staffed with experienced and licensed healthcare professionals. No appointment is necessary, and walk-ins are welcome. 



Urgent Clinics Medical Care offers a less-expensive, high-quality alternative to free-standing and hospital-based emergency rooms. We are the one-stop provider for all of your urgent care needs.

What our patients say about us

  • This place was pretty awesome. Went in for a minor infection. They were pretty busy. Was in and out in treated in about 45 minutes total. Front desk was nice, nurse was nice, and Dr. Monica seemed to be well knowledgeable, kind, and prompt. No complaints what so ever.

    Tawnya R.
  • When I was injured during a weekend dance rehearsal, Urgent Clinics Medical Care saw me immediately, x-rayed my knee and stabilized my condition until I was able to see an orthopedic surgeon during normal business hours.  I was thankful to have them as an option to an emergency room.  They saved time and money during a very stressful time.

    Grace S.
  • My husband was seen this morning for strep throat. There was no wait, and the staff was very friendly! He was brought back directly to the exam room and received a shot and a prescription. Less than 6 hours later and he is already feeling much better. Thank you, Urgent Clinics Medical Care for taking such good care of him. We will definitely be back!

    Angela J.

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